Kirsty Styles James Meadway

Introduction by Beginner's Neoliberalism

1: The Basics by Beginner's Neoliberalism

2: The House That Hayek Built by Beginner's Neoliberalism

3: World Domination by Beginner's Neoliberalism

5: The End of History by Beginner's Neoliberalism

6: The Alternatives by Beginner's Neoliberalism

Beginner's Guide to Neoliberalism presents a six-part podcast miniseries. Economist James Meadway and journalist Kirsty Styles delve into our economic system, the difference between capitalism and neoliberalism, and how neoliberalism came to dominate modern day economics. From the team behind the Weekly Economics Podcast.

"Lively and engaging… To me, it sounded like they were talking a lot of sense" - The Observer

Produced by James Shield. Programme editor for NEF: Huw Jordan.

Brought to you by the New Economics Foundation – the independent think tank and charity campaigning for a fairer, sustainable economy.

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Feature image by Ali Alışır: Neoliberal Art, 2012. More on Alışır's blog here...