After more than a decade of bringing you writing and art from over 60 countries, WARSCAPES is transitioning. We will continue our work of subverting, reframing and decentering mainstream circuits of knowledge through the Radical Books Collective, the Decolonize That! short books series and the BookRising podcast. 

Since we launched on that crisp New York evening in November 2011, we have published more than a thousand works ranging from fiction, poetry, essay, journalism, art, photography, interviews, reviews, blog and video. We have consistently published works from under-represented places prioritizing the coverage of experiences at the ground level. Our range of genres, discerning editing and a commitment to writers from the Global South has meant that we have brought you a rounded, well-developed and deeply considered perspective on war and displacement. We are grateful to our stellar advisory board for their support and also thankful to the foundations who have funded us. Over the years, our editors were a fierce group of thinkers and activists who not only built this magazine but built a community. Most of all, we are indebted to and humbled by the hundreds of contributors who put their trust in us and made it all possible. 

But our journey is far from over...

Warscapes magazine will not be publishing new art and writing but we will remain online as an open-access archive.

We will engage in progressive conversations about books and publishing at the Radical Books Collective. Join our mailing list to stay updated: 

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Warscapes has collaborated with OR Books in New York to bring you the exciting short books series, Decolonize That! Handbooks for the Revolutionary Overthrow of Embedded Colonial Ideas. 

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In love and solidarity, 
WARSCAPES magazine