One of the younger countries in the world explored through the lens of photography, art, poetry, memoir and fiction. 

Table of Contents:

"Grazmatch Tsegu" by Alemseged Tesfai (excerpted from Two Weeks in the Trenches)

"The Freedom of the Writer" by Ghirmai Negash 

"No War No Peace" photo-essay by Sami Sallinen

"Who Needs a Story?" poems translated by Charles Cantalupo and Ghirmai Negash

"Three Eritrean Plays" review by Eiman Abbas El Nour

"Three Eritrean Painters" art by Michael Adonai, Ermias Ekube and Yegizaw Michael

"Joining Africa: From Anthills to Asmara" an excerpt from the memoir by Charles Cantalupo

"100 Years on Independence Avenue" a visual journey by Issayas Tesfamariam

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