Jehan Bseiso

Part 1

Morning show hostess is wearing matte red lipstick
The color is Russian Red (by Mac).

She says:
“There are 65 million refugees around the world,
this is the highest number ever recorded.”


The new #Ikea tent comes in colors like:

"Aleppo Sunrise"

“Lifejacket Orange"

“it has everything they need” says the TV
but home,

(please, please, please open the border)
I haven’t seen my mother since 2011,
                       I forgot how to play the piano,
                                                            I want to tell him I love him,
I have diabetes and I will die without Insulin,

(please, please, please open the border)

Part Two

The march on Washington starts from Occupied Jerusalem. 

This is how we refugee.


Jehan Bseiso is a Palestinian poet, researcher and aid worker. Her poetry has been published in Warscapes, The Funambulist, The Electronic Intifada, and Mada Masr among others. Her book I Remember My Name (2016) is the creative category winner of the Palestine Book Awards. Bseiso is co-editing Making Mirrors a new anthology by, for and about refugees. She is also working on a collection of poems:Conversations Continued, a compilation of real, misheard, and misremembered conversations. She has been working with Médecins sans Frontières /Doctors Without Borders since 2008. Twitter @JehanBseiso