March 21, 2013
This retrospective explores the complex space of Zimbabwe through fiction, poetry, photography and art.
Charles Samupindi
January 4, 2012
Chapter 2 THEN… Back in time some people were so thin that they had to jump around in the rain to get wet. Back in time. GHETTO BOY Why am...
January 4, 2012
An excerpt from the novel, Pawns by the late Zimbabwean author Charles Samupindi Claiming Landscapes, a photo-essay by David Brazier on...
David Brazier
January 12, 2012
A note from the photographer These images belong to four loose categories: 1) Portraits of people who have been affected by AIDS; 2) Aerial...
Nomvuyo Nolutshungu
January 16, 2012
I began reading Hope Deferred with little hope of my own, imagining that reading it would be an exercise in enduring a collage of...
The Last Decade (2000-2010)
January 19, 2012
This slideshow is courtesy of Gallery Delta in Harare, Zimbabwe http://www.gallerydelta.com/ Image Guide: 1) Misheck Masamvu: 'When the...
Luise White
January 25, 2012
Mao Zedong may actually not have coined the phrase, "Political power flows from the barrel of a gun." It appears in a 1938 text he wrote,...