• After the Prayer

    Editor's Preface

  • Syria's Non-chemical Weapons

    Last week, the U.S.

  • In Conversation with Amit Chaudhuri

    Amit Chaudhuri first came into public light with his collection of short stories, A Strange and Sublime Address which featured a young boy's experiences in the author's native Calcutta.  After establishing himself as an important voice in Indian fiction written in English in less than a decade with works such as Freedom Song, The Immortals and

  • The IS Blowback

    One has to hand it to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Since the outbreak of what was initially a popular revolt against his regime in early 2011, the Syrian head of state has consistently applied the terrorist label to the protesters.

  • Ferguson Roundup

    As tensions in Ferguson linger in the wake of Michael Brown's death, here is a roundup of relevant literature and coverage from the blogsophere.

    In Why Ferguson Matters to Asian Americans, Soya Jung at Race Files comments on the normalizing of black death in America and the ills of the model minority myth.

  • Disciplinary Power in Ferguson and Palestine

    Recent days have seen an upsurge of signs of solidarity between African-American and Palestinian struggles. On August 17, an open letter entitled “Palestinians express solidarity with the people of Ferguson,” signed by Susan Abulhawa, Ramzy Baroud, and many other individuals and organizations was posted online.

  • "Baldwin's Nigger" (James Baldwin and Dick Gregory)

    A 1969 conversation with writer James Baldwin and Dick Gregory in London about the black experience in America and how it relates to the Caribbean and Great Britain. Directed by Horace Ové.

  • Unfound Reason: Six “Flash Reportages”

    Foreword by Editor

    “We understand we can’t repeat what God tells us.”

    These six “flash reportages” by Nathalie Handal offer us new ways to think about both poetry and journalistic documentation. The project began, she writes, “as a personal account of my relationship to the island of Hispaniola—Haiti and the Dominican Republic—and moved to the voices I encountered because they were louder than mine.”  

  • A Good Cause or a Clear Conscience?

    On August 7, the United States re-engaged in Iraq. The sudden air strikes make one thing clear: that the US has no idea what to do about the mess it made of Iraq.