Contemporary Painting from Zimbabwe

The Last Decade (2000-2010)

This slideshow is courtesy of Gallery Delta in Harare, Zimbabwe

Image Guide:

1) Misheck Masamvu: 'When the fish starts to cry it will flood,' Oil on Canvas, 154x128cm, 2010.  

2) Lovemore Kambudzi: 'United We Stand, Divided We Fall,' Oil on Canvas, 150x250cms, 2009.  

3) Lovemore Kambudzi: 'Enough is Enough,' Oil on canvas, 144x188cm, 2009. 

4) Cosmas Shiridzinomwa: 'The Deep Analysis,' Oil on canvas, 157x225cm, 2010.

5) Cosmas Shiridzinomwa: 'Lest We Forget,' Oil on canvas, 136x167cm, 2010.  

6) Cosmas Shiridzinomwa: 'The Great Revelation,' Oil on canvas, 200x146cm, 2010. 

7) Cosmas Shiridzinomwa: 'The Great Termite Revolt,' Oil on Canvas, 140x180cm, 2008.

8) Kufa Makwavarara: 'Tarisiro' - 'Looking forward to,' Oil on canvas, 92x142cm, 2009. 

9) Clive Mukucha: 'Where ever man is, walls keep emerging,' Oil on canvas, 95x50 cm, 2009.


10) Keith Zenda; 'Released - Free at Last,' oil on canvas, 96x130cms, 2011. 

11) Richard Mudariki: 'Struggle Behind Walls,' Acrylic on canvas, 51x77cm, 2009.  



Misheck Masamvu 'When the Fish Starts to Cry it will Flood'
Lovemore Kambudzi 'Enough is enough'
Lovemore Kambudzi 'United We Stand, Divided We Fall'
Cosmas Shiridzinomv 'The Deep Analysis'
Cosmas Shiridzinomv 'Lest We Forget'
Cosmas Shiridzinomv 'The Great Revelation'
Cosmas Shiridzinomv 'The Great Termite Revolt'
Kufa Makwavarara 'Tarisiro'
Clive Mukucha 'Where ever Man is, Walls keep Emerging'
Keith Zenda 'Released - Free at Last'
Richard Mudariki 'Struggle Behind Walls'


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